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Legal/Security, USS America CV-66 (1994-1996)

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tritt Steven L. Tritt on board USS AMERICA Security office
 Security Division, 66th Precinct
overboard News Clipping about a Marine falling overboard and surviving. Also see this link.
clipping This news clipping and the below picture are about , “Strike Team America,” which was formed in early 1994.
It was decided that a Seal Platoon will be on a carrier while deployed.
The America was the first.Seals, EOD, and the Marine Detachment were to combine their training, to make the team more effective Team.
Seals, EOD, and the Marine Detachment Seals, EOD, and the Marine Detachment were to combine their training, to make the team more effective Team.
Information provided by; Steven L. Tritt
Fleet Week in NYC Fleet Week in NYC 1994, just before our deployment to Haiti.
Admiral Boarda On board the flight deck of the USS AMERICA, Admiral Boarda, gives a pep talk just before the invasion into Haiti.
special operations write up about the special operations, Task Force 188
steaming to Haiti steaming to Haiti with a flight deck of helicopters to take part with Joint Task Force 188
Rhodes Greece On USS Americas Last Deployment and in the Mediterranean, here she stops at Rhodes Greece
Harley man Captain, "Bunny" Suggs is a real Harley man. One sailor wanted his reenlistment done on his Harley.
Captain Suggs performed the entire reenlistment on their bikes.
After the signing of the papers was over the Captain and the sailor rode their bikes
around the pier with the other that witnessed the ceremony.
Decommissioning Decommissioning 1
Decommissioning Decommissioning 2
USS America USS America

Some Patches

Battle E 1995 Battle E 1995
Security Division Security Division Logo
Security Division Security Division Patch
Final Deployment  1995 - 1996 Final Deployment 1995 - 1996
Operation Uphold Democracy Operation Uphold Democracy
Deny Flight Deny Flight
USS AMERICA  Hornets Nest USS AMERICA Hornets Nest

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