Then and now photos below. Photos with larger images by clicking are noted as such.

diano then S. Diano, SM2 C Div
Police Detective
diano now
mcnulty then L. McNulty, BM3 5th/1st Div
More pics of Lee
mcnulty now
johnson then Chris “CJ” Johnson, ABE 3, V2 Div
BHS, NREMT-Paramedic
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johnson now
jones then Tim "Salt" Jones, ABHAN V1 Div.
field service tech. @ Briggs Equipment
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jones now
Mark P. Phillips, Nov 1974-Aug 1975
Petty Officer 3rd Class, in S-2 Division as a Commissaryman/Steward // Mess Management Specialist
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Jessie Rivera Navy Jessie Rivera Airman
Aviation bosinmate V-1 div
blue shirt/red shirt, late 1966-1969
Currently I am a Truck Driver....if ain't squealin' or crappin' I haul it.
Click Jessie's Pics for a larger pic.
Jessie Rivera Now
Larry Abbott Korea 1979 Larry Abbott, Jan-May 1971
ETR3, OE Div
School Teacher
at left, Larry in Korea 1979
Larry Abbott today
Thomas Allred 93 Thomas Allred, Deck Dept. Feb, June 1993
Internet tech and pc repair
Thomas Allred 09
Paul J. Gretter then Paul J. Gretter ABE-2, V-2 Div Arresting Gear
Currently attached to the American Embassy with DHS, working in Port Klang, Malaysia with CSI (Container Security Initiave)
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Photo 1
Photo 2
Mooning Soviet Cruiser, Bicentennial Med Cruise
Hanging out
On Deck
Paul J. Gretter 2009
Walter Cain 1970 Walter Cain AN, V-2 Div Cats
AK-3, Aviation Supply
At left, on the fantail of the flight deck, taken during the 1970 cruise to Vietnam in the Tonkin Gulf
Worked as Lead Investigator for a Kansas city law firm after getting out of the Navy and retired in 2003.
Now living in Charlotte North Carolina.
Walter Cain 2009
Jack C. Waterfield 1982 Jack C. Waterfield AZ2
AIMD/IM-1 Division 1982-1986
Currently work as an Agent for a major Missouri Riverboat Casino
Jack with family, 1982
Jack C. Waterfield 2001
Joseph Levans 1979-82 Joseph P. Levans Chaplain’s Dept. from 1979 – 1982
I am now a theatre complex manager for Carmike Cinemas
Full size pic of Joe then
Full size pic of Joe now
Joseph Levans 2012
Doug Sigler 81-83 PH2 Douglas L Sigler USS America (CV-66)
OP Division (1981-1983)
Completed a Bachelors of English at the University of Michigan
Completed a Masters of Fine Arts in Creative Writing
at the University of Alaska
Currently: IT Senior Technical Engineer at DTE Energy, Detroit, Michigan.
Click for more of Doug below.
Doug at work on the America
Doug monkeying around
Doug the Pirate
And more photos Doug took while aboard on the America Veterans Facebook page.
Doug Sigler now

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