VIP Letters - Regarding Saving USS America
Unfortunately it appears that we have lost in our effort to save our ship. This link includes scores of VIP Letters and responses to our requests to create a museum dedicated to the USS America and Naval Aviation.

Freedom of Information Act Request
Given the lack of straight answers from NAVSEA regarding the physical condition of the USS America precluding her from becoming a floating museum, on March 13, 2004 the foundation submitted an FOIA request. Aside from an April 14, 2004 confirmation of reciept, we have not recieved a formal response. Stay Tuned.
USS Des Moines - Memorial or Eyesore? Page 1 & Page 2
The USS Des Moines faces similar hurdles and obstacles from NAVSEA.
As published in the Chicago Tribune, April 19, 2004
More USS Oriskany News
As published in the Star Banner, Sunday December 14, 2003
A Letter to the First Lady (PDF)
Sunday November 16, 2003
The Fate Awaiting USS America ?
The Foundering of the USS Oriskany. As published in the Star Banner, Sunday November 16, 2003

"Don't Tread On Me."
As published in the "Nicholas Chronicle," Thursday, September 11, 2003
As published in Bivouac, July 2002