Each day, we honor those who sacrificed the ultimate for the benefit of our country.
It is never enough, but we will continue to say their names, try our best to
continue their good work and never, never forget them.
These we lost while they served aboard the USS America CVA-66

SA Charles W. Adams
SA Benjamin Akines Jr.
LCDR Alan Frederick Ashall
DS3 Mark James Bedell
AW3 Vincent W. Bostwick
AN Mark Bradley
LT Eric Parker Brice
AR Larry J. Brunson
AN Gregory Bryant
LCDR Kenneth Richard Buell
LT Richard D. Calderon
SK3 Faustino I. Castillo
ABF3 Richard E. Childress
AMHC Coleman
BTFN Joshua A. Corley
LTjg Michael DeBartolomeo
ADJ1 Robert R. DeRyke
CDR Verne George Donnelly
LT Robert Ray Duncan
EMEN Ronald P. Epps
ASM4 Elwin E. Fitzgerald
LTjg Josiah Flournoy
CDR Randolph Wright Ford
AN Joseph Edward Frasher
SN Milton J. Gaep
PH1 Homer Gilbert Jr.
LT Paul Anthony Gregory
CDR David Scott Greiling
ABH3 Randall S. Greiman
LCDR James Wayne Hall
AA Daymond J. Hatton
LCDR Gerald W. Jenkins
LT George D. Jones
EM2 David Kerr
LTjg James P. Koch
AMHC L.T. Kvigne
MR2 David Lawson
AA Michael A. Legall
SH2 James Makea
SN Christopher Mason
SA Wallace C. Mataya Jr.
FN Anthony D. Morgan
LTjg Stephen Owen Musselman
ICFN Paul O’Hara
LCDR Charles Carroll Parish
LTjg Benjamin R. Partin
AN Randal
LTjg Renshaw
LTjg Michael Paul Rice
ET3 Jamey Allen Rowe
LCDR Bernard Francis Rupinski
ABHAA Charlie J. Sankey
AA Ronald David Shockley
AEAN Kevin A. Smith
LCDR Danny E. Spuill
HTC Michael V. Stahlman
LCDR James Edward Sullivan
LTjg Talcott
SN James M. Thomas
LT David A. Warne
AW2 Karl J. Wicklund
LCDR Karl J. Weigand
LTjg Donald A. Weiseman
ABHAA Christopher H. Williams
RMC Larry J. Wilson
AW1 Samuel Wilson
SN Leon A. York
BM1 Larry John Young
LCDR Ziolkowski