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The BIG show here is a collection of 384 photos.

new Photos of USS America from Rod Sawyer, VA-82

Member Gallery

Some helmet photos from Lee McNulty. More to be added later.

Construction - Commissioning Gallery

EX-USS America Gallery

5th Division, 1971

Vietnam War Pamphlet (PDF)

Squadron Patch Photos

Some other photos.

World's Largest BBQ.

Clinton Deemer Photos, 1991.

Photos from Steven L. Tritt

The U2 on the America

Photos from Warren Carrington

Photos of USS America in Le Havre, France

More photos from Warren Carrington.
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There are 90 photos, with more to come.

Miss America
The mail plane, and she flew some light cargo and people / dignataries on and off.

Miss America in flight

through the Suez Canal

The aircraft carrier America (CV-66) leads an echelon of ships north through the Suez Canal, enroute to the Adriatic Sea, on 9 December 1995. Also pictured is the Los Angeles class submarine Oklahoma City (SSN-723), positioned directly behind the carrier, while Egyptian water taxies jockey for position in the congested waters of the canal. TheAmerica's Battle Group will take up position in the Adriatic off the coast of Bosnia-Herznegovina, to support NATO peace keeping operations. 
U.S. Navy photo # N-0000D-002 by Photographer's Mate 1st Class Eric N. Dunn, courtesy of COMSUBPAC.
They helo'ed me to the USS Monterey before we entered the Suez Canal. We were supposed to lead the USS America, but the plans got changed for some reason. It was a compressed shot with a telephoto lens. Water taxies passed between us (USS Monterey) and the USS Oklahoma City. Comment from Photographer's Mate 1st Class Eric N. Dunn
Last Updated: 07 December 2013