USS AMERICA commemorative coins are now being offered for sale. 



These coins, created in the spirit of the challenge coins awarded and exchanged by U.S.  Special Forces in Vietnam, have been struck from the same die used for the 100 coins being held in reserve by the USS AMERICA Museum Foundation.  Unlike those dedicated coins, these will not be numbered.


Made of antiqued brass, they measure 1.5”.  The obverse is graced by the ship’s seal.  The inscription on the reverse side, Our Nation’s Flagship, is flanked by the dates 1965 and 1996 signifying her commissioning and decommissioning.  A formation of jets flies in salute above her as she carries a full air wing to it’s next mission.



“The image of the AMERICA riding the high seas with her air wing brings back fond memories of her days of glory.  We hope these coins will bring honor to the USS AMERICA and to the country for whom she was named.”  From the crew of the USS AMERICA Museum Foundation




To order, please click here.


All proceeds benefit the work of the USS AMERICA Museum Foundation

 in our quest to gather, preserve and share the history of the USS AMERICA

 in an online forum currently, and in a physical space in the future. 

Thank you for your support.