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Change of Command, 8 Aug 1992
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Ashtray from 1979, donated to the Museum by Paul Pospisil.

An America Button.

Another America Button.

A military Trading Card, the front.

Military Trading Card, the back.

This page contains scans from the Launching of the USS America, 1964.
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This page contains scans from the Commissioning of the USS America, 1965.
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Naval Covers canceled in the USS AMERICA post office.(new window) 12 Aug 2008

Envelope postmarked on the day the America was first launched.

Letters of congratulations(new window)

Decommisioning Invitation

Article in the Virginian-Pilot

Article in Navy Times
Click here for full issue from
1972 Navy Times with above story. Adobe Reader required.

page 1Page 1 in Sydney paper.

page 2Page 2 in Sydney paper.

The SunHere Comes The America

Four Ships Head Home. Undated and unknown newspaper source from Vietnam Era

U.S. Navy Commendation 1970 Meritorious Unit Commentation

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Bicentennial Stamps and Envelopes
from B. Sheppard Hicks, ASH3

Stamping out the Fourth
from the Naval Historical Center in Washington, DC.

Welcome Aboard Phamplet

Open House Pamphlet, 1985, Catherine T. McDonald Award Winners

The attempt to save the America

daily eagle archives
The Daily Eagle, May 1970

The Daily Eagle, July 1970

The Daily Eagle, Nov 1970

american spirit archives
American Spirit Northern Merger

American Spirit August 1966

American Spirit April 1968

American Spirit May 1968

American Spirit May 1970

American Spirit June 1970

American Spirit August & September 1970

American Spirit November & December 1970

American Spirit February-March 1971

American Spirit July 24 1972

American Spirit Sept. 07 1972

American Spirit Sept. 08 1972

American Spirit Sept. 10 1972

American Spirit Sept. 14 1972

American Spirit Sept. 18 1972

American Spirit Nov. 3, 1972

American Spirit Jan 15 1973

American Spirit Jan 16 1973

American Spirit Jan 26 1973

American Spirit Feb 28 1973

American Spirit Mar 22 1973

American Spirit March 24, 1973

American Spirit Jan. 23, 1974

American Spirit June 21, 1974

American Spirit July 1, 1974

family gram archives
America Family-Gram, Sept. 1972

America Family-Gram, Feb. 20 1973

Above from either the The Navy Times or Stars & Stripes, 1973

Above and below from The Star Ledger, Apr, 1988

guest pass 1970
Guest Pass from Norfolk Naval Ship Yard for our return from Vietnam, December of 1970

A bumper sticker on our return home again after the war was over in March of 1973

Car Pass
A car pass from 1971.
From Lee McNulty, when his parents came to Norfolk to go on board the ship for a Family Day Cruise.

Some new scans from Lee McNulty

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