Here you will find general information about the USS America.

General Facts and Figures

displacement: 83,573 tons
length: 1,047 feet
beam: 130 feet; extreme width: 249 feet
draft: 38 feet
speed: 20+ knots
complement: 4,582 crew
aircraft: 70
armament: Terrier surface-to-air missiles
class: Kitty Hawk

Some Trivia and little known Facts

The America was the last ship built with a main mast that was hinged so that it could be folded down in order to go under the Brooklyn Bridge. This was so that it could access the Brooklyn Navy Yard. Once the yard was closed, it was no longer required.

Another interesting bit of info is the fact that America was the only carrier I believe with the sonar dome on the bow, which also meant the anchors were in different positions than all the other carriers.

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This is far from covering all aspects of a carrier, but will give a represntation of the main function of the ship.