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The USS America CVA/CV 66
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Why perpetuate a USS AMERICA Museum?
Because this great ship was named for our country. A country that slept while she was towed out to sea.

Because the thousands of men who breathed life into her deserve to be saluted.

Because the men who died while serving aboard her must be honored, and their families recognized and comforted.

Because she was home for so many who left their own homes and all the security that provided --some just 16 or 17 years of age. Some walked toward a sense of security for the first time as they climbed her gangplank. The rest of us would like to hear what it was like.

Because her crew went forward no matter what into the eye of the storm.

        Because this country has become known as the jewel of the earth off the backs of everyone who dared to "wear the cloth". We do well to take care of them.

Because appreciation only exists when the cost is known. The cost is immeasurable, known chiefly by the sailors who inhabited her. Giving them the stage and listening to their stories is a small beginning to understanding the immensity of their sacrifice.

Because we will never be able to walk her decks again. The life of this great ship now abides in the life of her crew.

Not only should there be a Museum, it should be built by the citizens who benefited so greatly from the willing hands of a great crew. The crew of the AMERICA has already given so much. It's time for us to give back.

The USS AMERICA Museum Foundation is dedicated to

COLLECTING AND PRESERVING artifacts related to our nation’s flagship

HONORING those who gave their lives in service aboard her

CELEBRATING her greatness by presenting her entire story in a forum accessible to all

CREATING a forum for former shipmates to tell the stories of her life as only they can tell them

SHARING our ship and her great history with the world

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